Uke’n’Smile is:

  • a band

  • a family

  • a lifestyle

THE BAND is made of two musicians: Keith Kitchin on drums and percussion, and Dave Jacquet on guitar, ukulele and vocals.

We gig all over Southern Maine, enjoying bringing good vibes and fun tunes to bars, restaurants and private functions. Our sets do not feature a set list, because we don’t want to play twice the same set – and we can’t imagine you’d like to listen to the same one either!

We love requests, and we strive to add new tunes every week to our song list. We play originals and covers, the latter from artists as diverse as Kenny Chesney, Kings of Leon, John Prine, Michael Jackson Johnny Cash and Jason Mraz among many others.

THE UKE’N’SMILE FAMILY is a large part of what this band is all about. The Family includes musicians and singers who have shared the stage with us, venue owners with whom we have established a rapport that goes beyond that of a standard relationship between musicians and venue owners and people who have supported us as a band and as individuals through the years.

We love our Uke’n’Smile family, and we love to see it grow! We hope that you will join us soon.

THE UKE’N’SMILE LIFESTYLE defines most everything we do as a band. We love good times spent with friends. We love being involved and serving in our community. We love music and sharing it. We love good food, shared with good people. We love the islands, the beach and a little bit of rum. We love writing and singing songs about all of the above, and we sure would love to have you join us!

— Keith and Dave.

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